A 7-Day Vegan Detox To Release Toxins, Remove Waste, & Increase Energy While Losing Weight. Level 1 is great for beginners, preparing the body to detox in a gentle, slow-paced fashion.


When you join The 7 Day Vegan Detox Challege,  you will get INSTANT ACCESS to:

  • The Vegan Detox Manual
  • A 7 Day Shopping List 
  • Delicious Vegan Recipes 
  • A List of Nutritional Supplements 
  • A Detailed Meal Prep Day
  • A Full 7 Day Meal & Beverage Schedule


Every detail has been written down for you, so all you have to do is grocery shop and follow the recipes as listed in the guide.



Level 1: 7-Day Vegan Detox Challenge

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