Heal Mind, Body, & Spirit

For Optimal Balance

in your health, your relationships, and your life

You can have a life full of joy, vitality, and purpose.

In fact, you deserve it!

But over time, we can become unbalanced on our life journey through heartache, unhealthy foods, toxic relationships, childhood traumas, anxiety, and more.

When it comes to healing, sometimes it seems like you have only one choice:

taking on the world by yourself.

Yet, there is another way...

You don't have to heal alone.

I'm Queen Ravenden: a compassionate nature lover, treasurer of the arts, joy bringer, performance devotee, and natural healing enthusiast.

I gently lead powerful sessions
to release trauma, discover inner strengths,
and learn to heal naturally,
in a non-judgemental, artistic, and fun way  
I'm here to empower you to heal your way to
your most divine, radiant, healthy, highest-vibrating self. WHY?
Freedom is a human right; freedom to be empowered and take control of our life, our mind, and our health.

In healing ourselves, we heal our ancestors, our family, our community, and our world. 

A divine light dwells within all of us, waiting to

shine on the world.


Because my ultimate joy is tied to our collective divine light,


& freedom.

as seen in


Awaken the Divine Within

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Heal Your Mind through Art

When words aren't enough, art speaks.


Heal the Body Naturally

Bring the body into balance by releasing toxins, eliminating pounds of waste, and giving your body a fresh start through detoxing.

Discover what foods, herbs, and lifestyle changes you can make to optimize your health through your personalized health & herbal consultation.

Grab your organic herbs here and learn what herbs are perfect for you.

Heal The Spirit

Awaken and align yourself with divine, universal balance.



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